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Second Scheer/Singh name mixup. Did they smoke something tonight?

FFS, equalisation has nothing to do with oil pipelines.

So far I find that the most approachable candidate is Jagmeet Singh.

Wow, Mr. Bernier. Your only promise is to balance the budget within two years? Really?

Andrew Scheer sounds like he is bringing Stephen Harper back.

Cutting oil subsidies and taxing FAANG+. What a novel idea.

Scheer as a point. Oh wait, two points. And even three.

To be fair, Mrs May, Andrew Scheer said he would consult, he didn't say he would respect the results of consultation.

Ok, enough shitposting. Dinner is ready and I'd rather eat now :)

Trudeau not really answering, but attacking instead by saying he's about the people and the Cons are not.

Blanchet playing the language/mistranslation card. Come on. Racism is racism.

I have restored the ability to upload files on by using as a proxy in front of the old Wasabi bucket and a new DigitalOcean Spaces bucket.

Retrieving files will still be wonky, unfortunately, as checks both storage providers at the same time, and Wasabi is obviously timing out.

It's also not cheap to do this.

Polarisation and division seem to be major concerns to Canadians.

The debate on Bill 21 was so civil until Blanchet the representative of the Bloc QuΓ©bΓ©cois started to speak.

Now the spotlight is on discrimination laws and QuΓ©bec.

All leaders throwing blows at the Liberals re: climate crisis. Not undeserved.

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