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In my career I have probably seen such locks in actual use only once or twice (apart from display units in stores or trade shows)

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Je suis content d'avoir réparé le lave linge parce que ça me rendait anxieux de me dire qu'on ne pouvait pas laver le linge pendant le long week-end

The inlet valve part that I ordered for the washing did not fix it: the machine kept overflowing

Pressure sensor switch tested OK

I opened the back of the washer, ready to crawl under the tub to check bellows and hoses for rupture or blockage, when I noticed that the other side of the pressure sensor hose had come loose, probably because there is no collar (boo!)

I guess this is what happens after being subjected to 10 years of spin cycles

The washer is now happily laundering, and I sure hope that it does so for at least 25 more years :)

Anyhoo, after all this troubleshooting, I feel that I know way too much about LG washing machines

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On lui doit un peu plus de sécurité sur Internet.
Le papa de HTTPS Everywhere et #LetsEncrypt s'appelait Peter Eckersley, il vient de mourir.

Dammit, the washing machine is overflowing (it starts filling up and the water never stops flowing in)

Luckily the laundry room in the basement and there is a floor drain

I hope it is just the cold water inlet valve because that's the part I ordered


Today I learnt that IMDb is owned by Amazon, and that IMDb deleted negative reviews of LOTR-The Rings of Power, which coincidentally is an Amazon-produced show

L’Ontario introduit les accents français sur les cartes Santé


Me: How many USB ports do you have on your laptop?

Son: Two Type C ports, one Type A, and there is this extra port I am not sure of

Me, looking at unknown port: Well, it's not a data port, it is a slot for a Kensington lock

I am pretty sure most people have no idea what a Kensington lock is

Ran a system update on an Arch desktop system that I had not rebooted in weeks. Of course, I got hit by a grub update that renders the system unbootable:

Took a good 15 minutes to figure out and fix, but I could have lived without the scare.

And yes, I use GRUB because it's the fresh new thing, now that LILO is deprecated (obligatory /s)

But in all seriousness, it is because I use multiple kernels, BTRFS and Timeshift, which allows me to boot to an older snapshot should an update go bad (at least, an update that doesn't kill GRUB)

Customer sends an e-mail on Sunday night at 19:30, saying that he can't log in to ERP.

After-hours work is billed ×1.5, with one full hour minimum. I don't always charge extra for a quick fix, but this is a Windows server, so ya: I am charging for the inconvenience.

This will pay for today's groceries, so thank you, customer.

Replying to myself: there is an upgrade path

Repositories created using earlier restic versions use an older repository format version and have to be upgraded to allow using all new features.

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0.14.0 released, with long awaited compression feature

We're very pleased to present you restic 0.14.0! This is a great release which introduces a new repository version that adds the most requested feature: compression!

Not sure you can apply compression to existing repositories, but I haven't read any documentation yet.

I had the pleasure to deal with BTRFS corruption on my laptop.

I was able to retrieve most of the data from the broken FS itself, and restore the rest from daily backup.

Duplicati is NOT fun to restore from, and it is extremely slow in the case of a Disaster Recovery.

I am going to switch the laptop backup from Duplicati to Restic.

De plus en plus envie de faire la bascule Ubuntu -> Debian à cause de tous les ajouts mal intégrés d'Ubuntu notamment Snap et son utilisation pour des logiciels comme Firefox...

Windows ran an update without asking on Son's brand-new laptop, and took the opportunity to obliterate GRUB.

Not cool.

I'm writing this toot using nerd dictation. it works really good. This is a quality voice to text tool that you can use on the Linux desktop. 😀


C'est aussi parce qu'avec la chaleur on est passé de 2 jours d'air conditionné par an à 50% du temps en été. Je sais, c'est pas bien.

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