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I am trying to find a decent smart doorbell for multiple houses, & I was advised to avoid Google & Amazon for legal reasons. Ironically I am searching on Google & Amazon for alternatives, but I am trying to find a product that will store videos recorded on “the cloud” for at least 72 hours.

Here is a random list of tech companies that my kids have never heard of. To be fair, they probably don't even know what IBM is…

Zenith Data Systems, Ad Lib, Thomson, Oric, Borland, US Robotics, SCO,
Compaq, Sun Microsystems, Olivetti, Banyan Systems, Sierra Online, Commodore, Maxtor, Tseng Labs, Tulip, Tandem, Osborne, DEC, Apricot, Novell, MicroPro, Broderbund, Voodoo, Netscape, Amdahl, Acorn, Sinclair, NeXT, Silicon Graphics, Ashton Tate, Iomega, Amstrad, Palm, Atari

I told you: it is completely random

Bonjour le fediverse, je cherche de bonnes ressources pour apprendre la #photo. Noob complet inside, il faut donc que ce soit progressif et adapté. Ça peut être payant si c'est de bonne qualité

Très merci et passez une bonne journée.

Boosts appréciés.

Je viens de découvrir l’existence de #rustdesk ; à priori avec ça on a enfin une solution libre pour définitivement mettre à la poubelle AnyDesk et surtout #Teamviewer chez Windows comme chez Linux. Cool !

I need to hydrate. Now I have to decide between seltzer and unsweetened iced tea

At first, wife said it was stupid and childish, but now she finds it very convenient that she can start the pedestal fan from the Home Assistant app, saving her the 2.5 metres she'd had to walk if she wanted to turn it on manually

It just occurred to me that my favourite kind of yogurt is Freedom Yogurt

  • Bonjour, belle-famille en France, comment allez-vous aujourd'hui ?

  • Pulco, Pulco, Pulco citrooooooooooon 🎵​

Daughter: Government Office told me they were sending me a security code by mail. I checked my inbox, there is nothing there.

Me: They said by mail. Not e-mail.

Daughter: I keep checking, still nothing in my inbox. Nothing in the Junk folder either.

Me: Mail. Like Canada Post, USPS, Royal Mail. La Poste, Deutsche Post, Pony Express mail.

Daughter: ???

I think my kids don't understand that the mailbox in front of our house is not only for flyers and coupons.

(2/2) ... when simply renamed into a DOOM save game (DOOMSAV0.DSG) and loaded from inside your regular DOS version of DOOM it becomes.... 😮

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Here's a 117 kilobyte JPEG by kgsws. It appears to be a perfectly normal picture, but... (1/2)

E-mail threading style:

"Self-host it" is not the answer.

I self-host most of my personal and work systems, but I reckon the advice of "self-host it" is exclusionary and unhelpful.

Am I wrong?

E-mail threading style:

Me: Son, you shouldn't spend so much time in the dark in front of your computer screen. Go enjoy the nice weather and spend some outside with your friends

Son: OK, I called my friends and tomorrow afternoon we are going to watch a movie

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