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Bonne année 2000 !
Pis, elles sont où les voitures volantes ?

Que personne ne réponde au téléphone quand ça sonne, j'ai mis le BBS en marche!

It's so fun to do bookkeeping/accounting/accounts reconciliation.


Who wins?

What is the best tool to cut a pizza?

Baking some stacked potatoes au gratin, with goat cheese and Swiss on top.

My big mistake is that I sliced the potatoes ahead of time (I had time to kill during lunch break).

I soaked them in water to avoid browning and they kind of curled up, making it impossible to build stacks evenly. Also, I cut my slices a tad too wide (thickness is on point, though).

It won't affect taste but the stacks won't look as neat as you'd wish.

In the end, whether you call them potatoes or po-tah-toes, they'll be delicious I'm sure, because taters are always wonderful!

Bon bah internet est cassé et je vois le camion de la ville qui travaille sur un trou au bord du trottoir.

Mais c'est OK, MAME et la ROM Ms. Pac-Man ne nécessitent pas de connexion au réseau.

Je peux travailler.

Son: My phone is on its way out: the battery won't last a quarter of an hour

Me: Here is a spare Essential PH-1, you can use it (his dying phone is also a PH-1)

Son: Oh thanks!

Son: But there is no Google Play Store™ on this phone

Me: You are correct. It runs /e/, a de-googled OS based on Android/LineageOS. And incidentally one of the only ways you can keep this phone up to date.

This was 3 months ago, son has figured things out and is perfectly happy with the phone.

On a un soleil éclatant, le ciel est magnifique.

Difficile d'imaginer que quelques minutes auparavant il a soufflé du blizzard pendant un bon quart d'heure.

I have to perform an operation in M365 under two different organisations.

I have written a very detailed procedure for it, but the UI, screens, prompts, flow and wording are different depending on which organisation I am logged in as.


So basically my documentation is worthless.

WTF Microsoft.

Dealership wants to charge me $120 for a reading of the "Check Engine" code.

I told them I'd use my own OBD-2 reader, thank you, and bring the car in if it is something that needs to be looked at.

Saw a thread debating whether BTRFS is pronounced "Better FS" or "Butter FS". I used to call it the latter, but somebody chimed in and said that they call it "ButterFace", which what I will be using from now on.

La France impose un test négatif obligtoire à tous les voyageurs arrivant de pays hors UE, quel que soit le statut de vaccination.

Le Canada impose un test obligatoire à l'arrivée pour tous voyageurs provenant de l'étranger, avec isolement forcé jusqu'à obtention du résultat, quel que soit le statut de vaccination. Pour les non-vaccinés c'est quarantaine obligatoire dans un hôtel désigné (aux frais du voyageur).


J'hésitais déjà très fortement (genre 98% no-go) mais maintenant c'est sûr à 100% que je ne passe pas Noël en France : j'ai pas envie de passer mes journées à me faire enfoncer des Q-Tip dans les narines.

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