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It's been exactly a year since I received my 3D printer.

I wanted something to keep me busy during a Winter under lock-down, so I bought a Ukulele and a Creality Ender 3V2.

I have printed countless calibration cubes and Benchy boats. but I have also learnt to use FreeCAD (enough to design very simple models). This has proven useful for different functional things around the house.

Now, when something is broken or is missing a piece, my thought process has shifted from "I've got to find the replacement part on eBay" to "How hard would it be to design this?"

I am still learning, but it is a lot of fun and I have no regrets at all!

Now, the poor Ukulele hasn't seen much use. Maybe I will give it another go this coming Winter.

Dis, Fédi, c'est quoi le meilleur plan pour commander un Raspi en ligne et le faire livrer en France ?

J'espère éveiller une flamme geek chez un neveu à l'occasion de Noël.

Ça se traduit comment en français de France, "grout sealant" ?

Madame a essayé "Scellant pour coulis" mais les gens ne la comprennent pas 🤨​

(c'est le produit pour imperméabiliser les joints de carrelage dans la douche)

I received four window/door sensors (Xiaomi Aqara)

  • two out of four didn't work: I had to bend battery connectors ever so slightly so that both sides of the coin battery made contact — they are fixed now, but I shouldn't have to do that

  • could pair but wouldn't read their state; turns out a II firmware update was necessary

  • in the process of flashing the firmware, something went wrong and I thought I had bricked my Conbee II and it was caught in a boot loop —luckily these things are indestructible and I was able to re-flash using a PC

  • I can now read the status of my front, patio, garage and greenhouse doors; I need to write some automation scripts

  • I already changed the front door not to lock if it is ajar -- I should also have it send an alert if the door is open for too long

Upgrading my Thinkpad W530 that runs Arch (BTW) to Gnome 41.

I expect multi-monitor support with Nvidia Optimus chipset to be completely broken upon reboot

Windows 11 blocks Edge browser competitors from opening links

So Microsoft has teams of developers devoted to prevent third-party software from working properly in Windows, rather than spending their talent and energy writing a better operating system?

Fiston va avoir 18 ans en 2022, il va pouvoir choisir si il veut garder notre Doug Ford préféré (vous vous souvenez, le frère et supposé fournisseur en crack cocaine de feu Rob Ford, ancien maire de Toronto).

Et comme il a la double nationalité, il pourra aussi choisir si la France est dirigée par Le Pen, Zemmour ou Macron.

Je sens qu'il ne va pas voter.

Why balena etcher?
Why 300MB for a glorified dd?

I have a terrible headache today.

Fuck leaf blowers.

Les paquets Gnome d'Arch Linux sont passés en version 41.

Je ne vois pas ce qu'il y a de mieux, je vois juste que certaines extensions ne sont pas compatibles avec 41, notamment Dash-to-Panel 😭​

The worst part was the on-boarding process. It is so confusing and it kept failing, asking me to sign-in again and again, even though I was already signed in, then asked me to sign up for Teams, then failed again.

I managed to start Teams after 20 minutes of fiddling with my Microsoft account's "security".

I am not impressed.

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I launched MS Teams for the first time (don't ask). The UI is fucking ridiculous.

Is it a joke? Who designed that? What drugs were the programmers on?

À part ça il y a tellement d'avantages à travailler pour soi-même plutôt que pour un employeur ou une agence, que je ne me vois pas revenir dans le monde corporate pour le moment.

Le "work-life balance"[*], c'est trop important pour moi.

[*] Il y a une façon de dire ça en français sans que ça fasse 1km de long ?

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Réflexion sur mes bientôt trois ans d'activité freelance : les deux premières années on travaille comme des malades à créer notre infrastructure, nos processus, la documentation, et à huiler la machine.

Ensuite, une fois qu'on a mis les choses en place, on peut se contenter de juste travailler comme des malades.

Dammit, my evening is shot!

I received my Raspi4 kit

My daughter does not pronounce "ride-share" the way I do.

To my ear, the way she says it sounds more like "ride-sure".

I mean, I understand it perfectly, but I had never noticed that it sounded that way.

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