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Fiston, 17 ans, a eu sa première dose de 5G aujourd'hui.

Toute la famille est connectée et attend maintenant le deuxième branchement pour assurer que les nano-puces de traçage aient une réception optimale.


17 yr old son got his first dose of 5G today.

The whole family is connected and now waiting for our 2nd hook-up in order to ensure that tracking nanochips get optimal signal reception.

It is May Two-Four long weekend in Canada (aka Victoria Day / Firecracker Day).

In Quebec it is "la Fête des Patriotes" aka "Fête de Dollard"(-des-Ormeaux), because there is no way you can celebrate Queen Victoria in "La Belle Province".

I've heard Franco-Ontarians call it "Fête de la Reine" but I suspect it is not a popular one in Quebec.

As a person who is subject to panic attacks, I chuckled.

Credit: (ya, http… TLS cert is invalid)

After a month of running LineageOS (I tried Gapps and MicroG), I am back to using /e/

Don't get me wrong: the LineageOS experience is generally great, but for some reason it kills my battery.

/e/ is doing something right here. Not sure what, but battery usage is back to normal.

Le Gouvernement du Canada propose des playlists musicales à écouter en remplissant le questionnaire en ligne du recensement 2021 (trop tard, j'y a déjà repondu).

The Government of Canada is offering musical playlists to listen to while filling out the 2021 census online survey (too late, I already answered it).

Region of Waterloo: Covid-19 vaccination pre-registration is now expanded to those 12+ years of age.

Bwah, j'en avais marre d'entendre parler de sans l'avoir moi-même essayé, alors voilà


- we have a Jitsi conference with relatives in France, Canada, US
- most participants eventually move over to a different chat room where they meet with other people who are already there
- only two people remain in the original room: Mrs. Kicou and myself
- we continue our video conference until we realise that it doesn't make much sense: I could easily get up and walk to the next room


GNU Screen vs. Tmux comparison:
- Ctrl-A is easier to type than Ctrl-B
- …

Game over: GNU Screen wins!

(j/k: I like both, but I am lazy)

Fav tape:

Best MS-DOS utilities

Fiston demande il a eu combien en CS (les notes n'ont pas encore été communiquées).

C'est pas officiel alors on ne lui dit rien. C'est juste que Madame a discuté avec le voisin en jardinant et que ce dernier a laissé échapper l'information.

On va laisser le fiston mariner un peu 😁

Le prof de Computer Science du fiston (11e année de secondaire) annonce sa note finale à madame.

Il avoue qu'il espère ne pas l'avoir comme élève lors d'une prochaine session parce que ça fait bizarre pour l'un comme pour l'autre d'avoir son voisin comme prof/élève.

L'Université Laurentienne (Sudbury), en pleine restructuration, supprime un tiers de ses programmes.

Un coup dur pour la francophonie en Ontario :(

I have three temperature/humidity sensors: one under the deck, one in the greenhouse and one in the garage.

They are RF transmitters operating at 433 MHz and I found that you can decode their info with a DVB-T USB stick ($20) and the rtl_433 command-line tool (, and feed it to via .

This is pretty cool.

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