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Fiston est en train de ranger la vaisselle ALORS QU'ON LUI A RIEN DEMANDÉ !

Est-il possédé ? Me serais-je réveillé dans un univers parallèle dystopique ?

J'imagine toujours le pire. Si ça se trouve il veut juste rendre service.

It's over for tonight.
Coming Thursday: French language debate.

Bernier does not believe there is a climate emergency.

Is Justin Trudeau using "we" as in "royal we"?

Weird Scheer/Singh bromance starting to bloom here

Scheer: "Avec le Bloc, plus ça change, plus ça reste le même" (en français dans le texte)

Second Scheer/Singh name mixup. Did they smoke something tonight?

FFS, equalisation has nothing to do with oil pipelines.

So far I find that the most approachable candidate is Jagmeet Singh.

Wow, Mr. Bernier. Your only promise is to balance the budget within two years? Really?

Andrew Scheer sounds like he is bringing Stephen Harper back.

Cutting oil subsidies and taxing FAANG+. What a novel idea.

Scheer as a point. Oh wait, two points. And even three.

To be fair, Mrs May, Andrew Scheer said he would consult, he didn't say he would respect the results of consultation.

Ok, enough shitposting. Dinner is ready and I'd rather eat now :)

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