@kinux 🤣​ j'ai regardé cette image très intensément pendant une longue minute avant que soudain une ampoule s'éclaire dans mon cerveau qui s'est alors écrié :

L'amour a tout emporté !

Fiston est moitié assis, moitié allongé dans son lit, avec le laptop sur les genoux…

Il lève les yeux, sentant mon regard et me dit: « Ben quoi ? Je suis en train de travailler ! »

Et moi je ne peux rien lui reprocher, parce que souvent je fais exactement la même chose.

Does anyone use Kopia for backups? kopia.io

Any feedback?

Wondering if this would be a good candidate for my laptop's backup; primary target is NAS, replicated to object storage

I intend to take daily snapshots in "incremental forever" mode

Facebook™ is considering a name change: youtube.com/watch?v=6rNgCnY1lP

Actually it may be "the metaverse", because they want to compete with the fediverse… theverge.com/2021/10/19/227356

@TheForeignAgent bonjour, bonjour!

Tu salues trois personnes et tu t'adresses à eux en disant "vous deux", alors j'espère que ce n'est pas moi que tu snobbes 😅
@DarvenDissek @Troll

Madame: Y'a du gâteau

Moi : Y'a du gâteau gozaimasu

Madame: silence, mais je vois bien qu'intérieurement elle roule les yeux au ciel, limite elle pousse un gros soupir

Je suis un incompris

Thinset instructions: mix 1 quart of thinset with 8 oz of water.

WTF is a quart?
WTF is an ounce?

After some searching: 1 quart is 32 oz, so what it means is that you mix 4 parts thinset with 1 part water. Really, the unit doesn't matter, it's all about proportions.

COULDN'T YOU JUST SAY THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE instead of using some backwards Klingon measurement units??!

Aaaaand my new laptop has experienced its first fall from the height of the desk onto the hardwood floor 🙄​

(no harm done)

I have completely re-installed my laptop, now running Arch (yes, as a true Arch user I felt that I needed to let you know this fact).

I really like it, it reminds me of the early days (without the kernel recompiles).

There is also a big potential for breakage. I am OK with that since it is my own machine with no critical services running on it. However I didn't want to take any chances and I have set up BTRFS subvolumes for easy system rollbacks, with hourly snapshots.

Or so I thought.

The Arch philosophy is that the user is in full control, and no unnecessary daemons are started.

This includes cron, which is not enabled by default!

@PhieLaidMignon l'UE avait déjà fait ça il y a quelques années, imposant le port micro-USB. Apple avait juste fourni des adaptateurs dans les boîtes de ses produits destinés au marché européen.

While we were on our trip the contractor came and replaced all the eavestroughs.

Yes, it's a word and this is how we call "rain gutters" in Canada.

Hey Alexa, are Apple Airtags bad for privacy?

No matter how nice your vacation spot is, it is always so nice to get back home and get into your own bed!

@normandc the Pinephone is basically a single-board computer with wireless networking, a touchscreen, a camera and I/O ports. A used (or "outdated") Pinephose can be repurposed in many ways!

@jawsh @realcaseyrollins

@normandc the areas we know are Montreal and Quebec City, and they do have the occasional Quebec flag hung to a balcony or picture window. Enough of them for us to notice, but this is also because we don't see any of those where we live :P

There are also some Canadian flags, but in Ontario too.

In any case, much less so than the amount of US flags down South. Our neighbours down there like to show their colours for sure!

I was just stating the fact that there seems to be far fewer flags (fleurdelisé or maple leaf) in the Eastern Townships, which to us outsiders makes the climate less political.

As francophones from the ROC, I find that the separatism/sovereignty debate keeps rearing its ugly head whenever we spend a certain amount of time with Quebecers (no matter which way they lean, no matter if inside or outside Quebec).

I personally tend to avoid the subject because TBH I care as much about Quebec sovereignty as Quebecers care about defending the French language outside of La Belle Province (i.e. I couldn't care less)

One thing Mrs. Kicou and I noticed in the Eastern Townships: unlike in other areas of Quebec, there are very few flags here. We've only seen some on official buildings.

I find it kind of refreshing.

So I managed to screw up my laptop's system, but + with snapshot restores of /@ and /@home subvolumes saved my ass. No data was lost.


Note: snapshots are great but you still need to make regular data backups

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