@mallabori sur le coup je dirais que les Français se sont fait avoir, parce que "Universal Time, Coordinated" ça marche à peu près e en anglois mais "Universel Temps Coordonné", même avec des virgules c'est trop bancal.



Test if you are vulnerable to the attack: youtu.be/OAwaNWGLM0c

A certain 5400 RPM OEM hard drive, as shipped with laptop PCs in approximately 2005, allows physically proximate attackers to cause a denial of service (device malfunction and system crash) via a resonant-frequency attack with the audio signal from the Rhythm Nation music video.

@juliettetaka j'ai regardé en "second-hand watch" (assis à côté de Madame qui visionnait).

J'ai mis du temps à me sortir de la tête que ce n'était pas Zoolander 3 :/

LibreOffice vient de sortir en version 7.4, à suivre, c'est tout frais (je l'ai installé il y a quinze minutes).


Il y a une dépêche en préparation sur LinuxFr.org, si ça vous tente.

#LibreOffice #bureautique

The web is more and more broken.

I really hate when a web page depends on external content to display properly (I can understand using a CDN, but you should at least control its content).

When 50% of a news article is made of embedded Twitter/TikTok/Instagram content, it shows as completely broken to me.

This is a guarantee that I will not visit that site again.

Is it really that hard to quote properly?

And embedding content you have no control over is not only bad form, it is potentially dangerous.

I had never seen a Lenovo ThinkBook before. It looks like a cross between an IdeaPad and a ThinkPad

The keyboard looks like an IdeaPad keyboard and there is no red trackpoint, but the matte display and general chassis build are ThinkPad-like

Son's ThinkBook 13s is smaller than my X1 Carbon, but it feels slightly heavier. Maybe it's an aluminium vs carbon fibre thing

So far it feels like a fine system. There is an internal keyboard support issue with Linux kernel 5.18 and laptops based on AMD Ryzen 6000 series processors, it has been identified and will be part of 5.20 (or 6.00, or whatever Linux decides to call it), so for now some kernel recompiling is needed :(

Of course, because this computer is for a college kid, I did like his sister's laptop and took a three-year on-site repair + accidental damage coverage

His sister has already logged two service calls, so the warranty was well worth it

When I say "Can you log in to the UNIX server?", user asks "You mean connecting to PuTTY?"

I just answer yes, there is no point trying to explain

I have prepped Son's computer for first boot (took a disk image and shrunk the Windows partition) and handed it to him

First thing he did, even before powering it up, is put a series of Manga-themed stickers on the cover


I'm bored

Let's head to printables or thingiverse, and print some random shit

With a totally non-representative sample of two kids, my experience is that Ontario high schools have cursed themselves with Google Classroom, and higher education establishments have sold their souls to Microsoft


And yes, we will shrink the Windows partition to a minimum and install Linux as the main OS.

But I totally expect his school to be a Microsoft whore and host everything in some sort of M365 for education cloud package.

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Son is starting college in September, and he is getting a new laptop. It should arrive today.

If he is the one receiving the package, his instructions are NOT to turn the computer on.


First thing we'll do is go straight to UEFI setup/BIOS, disable secure boot and image the drive from a live USB stick/Clonezilla BEFORE Windows ever starts up.

This way, we will have a pristine factory image of the SSD.

Today, our "Google for Workspace" (aka Google for your Domain, aka Google Apps) has been deactivated.

When the "Do no evil" company started GFYD, the free tier was supposed to be free forever. Then they started charging, but early adopters were grandfathered into the free tier. Then they decided to scrap the free offering, forcing people to either go elsewhere or pay up.

We have been using our own mail server for years (Zimbra, with Z-Push for ActiveSync), and Nextcloud (started with Owncloud) with Collabora, and I didn't care for our Google Workspace going away, because as far as I was concerned we were not using Google anymore.

Unbeknownst to me, daughter was still using Google Docs for uni, as well as her teaching class material. She walks into my office —whilst I am in a conf call— and tells me in a panic that her Google Drive is not working anymore and that she is giving a lesson today.

Well fuck. I had to pay for a month of Google Workspace just so that she can move her stuff away, and I am not liking it.

Fuck you, Google.

@Ju_ moi j'ai toujours l'emoji, aussi bien avec Tusky qu'avec l'interface web de Mastodon (glitch-soc fork) @clov @colin_brosseau

@alice Ah je connais... un peu (souvenir très très lointain). Tout ce qui me vient à l'esprit, c'est un couple franchouillard et une histoire d'armoire normande. @dolfsquare

@dolfsquare je ne connais pas la série en question, mais ça sent le passif-agressif voilé à plein nez, ça fait très canadien 😁​

What's going on?

Summer has been nice and quiet until now, but all of a sudden I am constantly super busy

Smells like “back to school”

@colin_brosseau pour un·e débutant·e je conseillerais Pop!_OS, Linux Mint ou peut-être Fedora (que je n'ai pas utilisé depuis longtemps).

Pour un environnement stable et où il n'est pas nécessaire d'avoir les dernières versions et nouveautés, Debian.


My request for Peertube to implement a feature to sync youtube, vimeo or other platforms with peertube, was added recently. Meaning, you upload to youtube and gets automatically imported to your peertube channel. How fuckin' cool! ideas.joinpeertube.org/posts/2…

@peertube is amazing!
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