Windows is the OS with the slowest updates ever. And what's with all these reboots?

It's been two hours already.

Now I regret not taking a snapshot before rebooting the VM.

On continue à visiter la région de Charlevoix au Québec

Aujourd'hui c'était la randonnée de l'Acropole des Draveurs, au Parc National des Hautes-Gorges-de-la-Rivière-Malabaie

Car overtakes us on the highway and Mrs Kicou asks: "KN? What does that stand for? Is it a car brand?"

I look at the vehicle: "It's a Kia. They have a new badge."

It just occurred to me that my favourite kind of yogurt is Freedom Yogurt

Live CBC interview abruptly ended by Rogers' lawyer when VP was asked about the monopolisation of telecommunications in Canada and the pending merger with Shaw

This was Friday during the Canada-wide Rogers mobile and internet outage

Stunt driving in Amish/Mennonite country

Note: I live in a Mennonite city and I've never seen turn signals like these. Usually the buggies over here only have a red reflective triangle on the back, some have an LED triangle

I guess this video was taken in PA

Je viens de m'apercevoir que quand j'écris un pouet, je peux indiquer la langue dans laquelle je l'écris. Jusqu'à présent j'ai toujours laissé le réglage par défaut (English) :/

Bonne Saint-Jean-Baptiste !

Aujourd'hui c'est la fête des francophones du Canada et d'Amérique, et la Fête Nationale du Québec !

Somebody decided that the cover art for the 2010 recordings of the Beethoven piano concertos No. 1-5 by Mitsuko Uchida and the Berliner Philarmoniker (conducted by Sir Simon Rattle) should be unreadable

Mrs Kicou: Can you please pass the Worcestershire sauce?

Me: Here you go. BTW, you know that Worcestershire only takes three syllables, right?

Not looking forward to flying from YYZ to IAD. I heard that security screening at Pearson has been a long and miserable experience lately

Quand ma belle-sœur me dit que pour son vol aux US il lui faut un adaptateur de prise de courant pour son "portable", dans ma tête je la vois voyager avec ça:

I just updated Glitch-Soc.

"Direct Message" privacy level has been reworded as "Only people I mention", to match the latest changes in Mastodon.

From what I understand there is no change internally and it still technically amounts to sending a direct message, but I think the wording has changed so that users do not assume that direct messages are private, in the sense that an instance administrator has full access to the local database content.

Just to be clear: direct messages are not any more private in other platforms (like Twitter), unless end-to-end encryption is applied and the servers do not have access to the users' private keys.

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