I was tasked to re-work the Personal Support Worker schedule for father-in-law (because you know, this involves moving binary digits around, and I'm the IT guy)… and wow, what a chore

They are in France, I am on Ontario, and for things to print right I had to:

  • install the fr_FR UTF-8 locale
  • set system UI to French, France (OMG, so confusing) so that day and month names are right (they don't understand English)
  • set my timezone to Paris, France
  • check that I was on 24h time display
  • set paper size to A4
  • generate PDF file of monthly calendar

Then, once done, set everything back to correct timezone, locale, UI language

There must be an easier way

@kicou easier way : tell him no thanks, i'm ok with my own chores...
(Easier said than done, i know)

@oldsysops it is not so much that I have to do it: I am more than happy to do so

It is more that working with calendars is much more of a hassle than I thought it would be, especially taking into account different time zones, languages, display formats and printing paper standards 😑​

And printing a monthly calendar that looks good is not as straightforward as one would think

@kicou I changed my phone to English (Canada) to have Snapchat in Celsius.

Boy, did that change everything on my phone. Now every app is showing directions in kilometers. When people use my phone for GPS, it is hilarious. I'm just glad I use a 3rd party keyboard. Sorry, but American English is better, except washroom makes more sense than restroom (who wants to take a nap on the crapper?).

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