I have criticised the state of Quebec roads in the past, and I stand my ground when it comes to Montreal and the roads that lead to Quebec City.

However, driving further past Quebec City on Provincial Road 138 is a real delight. Probably because it mostly consists of hills and curves, which makes it fun to drive (i.e. not boring), but it is in great shape too, considering that it knows a colder climate and is quite busy.

It also means that the reason Montreal roads are completely fucked up is not because of the weather, but most likely due to neglect and corruption.

Just a wild guess, I have nothing to back that up. It is my observation as a visitor from out of province.

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@kicou Sounds like Pennsylvania. Higher gas tax than either Ohio or New York but the roads are much worse.

There are so many wrecks in the winter because the lack of snow plowing on the PA side of the border doesn't give you enough time to move to the right lane and slow down. Very harsh transition from New York.

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