PSA: To everyone who is #NewHere, and those who are not.

When you use hashtags it can help those using a #ScreenReader to use #CamelCase. Screen-readers can then find and pronounce the constituent words, rather than trying to pronounce the whole thing.

It's not essential, but it's one way we can make the Fediverse more welcoming.


@ColinTheMathmo it never occurred to me that CamelCase was useful to screen readers, but it makes so much sense!

@kicou @ColinTheMathmo Someone pointed that out to me a while ago and I have been careful about it ever since.

It helps human readers, too. My commute to work used to take me past a very nice old building that was being renovated as condominiums. It took me almost a week to realize that meant "O'Neill Building" not "One Ill Building." Camel case would have helped.

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