Now that I have a recent laptop, I discovered that there is a new sleep state called "suspend-to-idle" or as Microsoft calls it, "modern standby".

In this state, not only is the RAM still minimally powered to conserve the system's state, BUT THE CPU IS STILL RUNNING, albeit at a supposedly lower consumption mode, so that your computer can still do things like checking email while in standby.

Instead of the RAM spending 2W in sleep mode, you now have RAM + CPU spending as much as 20W.

So if you leave your computer in sleep mode overnight, you may find that your battery has lost 25% capacity, instead of the 2-5% you would have lost in S3 state.

Now, if you are a Windows user, you may think that this is OK, you now have an extra sleep mode you can choose from, but alas, Microsoft has removed the ability to use S3 in recent Windows versions, forcing you to use "modern" standby.

Worse: they have pressured OEM manufacturers into removing S3 altogether from EFI/BIOS settings, so that Linux users can't put their computers in standby anymore.

They did remove the option, but users complained and luckily Lenovo backtracked. But Dell did not, and you cannot use S3 state with a recent Dell laptop.

I almost bought a Dell XPS13 9310, but i am so glad I got a Lenovo X1 Carbon instead.

I was able to enable S3 sleep in BIOS.

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I bought a Dell XPS13 9310 last décembre and it took Dell 11 month to make it work properly with Linux (a recent bios/EFI update fixed )
It was unusable before (display freeze, some application stop working repeatedly etc...) so the S3 thing was not an issue has one have to reboot the PC several time a day 🤣 (and it reached the sleep state randomly)
Seriously it is a problem. The only thing i see as a workaround is to setup sleep than hibernate. Now the PC is working, it's on my todo

@Ju_ @kicou too bad, i was hoping to buy a xps 13' from dell soon :-/
This will make me change my mind (and be more careful with laptop in général)

Since september update mine works like a charm and i am very happy with it
Hope I will keep it working for ten years now

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