Sunday, 18:40. I call my ISP's technical support (I am with and I love them)

I had a knowledgeable agent on the line within 30 seconds. She quickly verified that I had run a speed test on my end, proceeded to check the provisioning of my line and found that —as I suspected— it wasn't provisioned properly (I wasn't getting the speed I expected for downstream traffic).

She apologised and told me that she had put a request to have it corrected, that it would be fixed within 24 to 48 hours.

She lied: it was fixed within 3 minutes!

All in all it took less than 10 minutes and I didn't have to tell her to get off her stupid script (NO, I don't have a Windows Start menu or an Apple menu icon)

This is exactly why, rather than giving my money to the Robelus cartel (Rogers-Bell-Telus, the three companies that form the Canadian communication oligopoly), I prefer doing business with a smaller provider, even if it means that I have to pay more (and in return get vastly superior service)

The reason I pay more is because the CRTC (our version of the FCC) is controlled by Robelus and has been strong-armed to smother smaller ISPs. I really hate how anti-competitive the Canadian telecom landscape is 😡​

Because of that, we have among the highest telco rates in the world (if not THE most expensive) and it sucks!

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