It is almost surreal to watch such a courteous political debate between five candidates who hold radically different views on so many fundamental topics.

No yelling, no name calling, no character attacks –just defending their political ideas and respective electoral programmes.

Of course there are small personal jabs here and there, but all remains extremely polite, and participants have remained within their mic time.

Not saying that our Canadian political figures are not crooks, but at least they are polite and respectful crooks.

I'm guessing that idiot Bernier isn't taking part? He'd sure drag the whole thing down.

When thinking of him, the same The Incredibles quote from the Underminer (at the end) comes to mind as for DJT:

> I am beneath you, but nothing is beneath me

@normand Maxime Bernier did not take part in the debate. Apparently you need to meet a 4% threshold in the polls to qualify.

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