I'm so happy the Linux world massively switched to systemd /s

TBH, even after a few years I still feel that systemd is making things more complicated than they should be.

It also goes against the UNIX philosophy of making tools that have one unique purpose and fullfil it well. Instead we get this giant blob of an abstraction layer that tries to control all aspects of the system and creates more problems than it solves, all the while making troubleshooting cumbersome.

I tried to like systemd. I just can't.

@kicou idk I'm fine with the abstraction layer it gives cgroups and filesystem sandboxing.

Where I vehemently dislike it is the stupid attachment to it being PID 1, no compromise. I'm sure there'd be more if I dug into the source code.

What other unit systems present, in a simple way, cgroup and other sandboxing features for underlying services? What about dependencies between services?

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