All the mice/trackballs I have owned have suffered the same problem where after a while the left clicks do not register properly or turn into random double-clicks.

I then have to take the whole device apart and bend the tiny spring a wee-bit so that it applies just the right amount of pressure against the inside of the button.

Surely, after 40 years of input device technology, we should have come up with proper mouse buttons (I want real mechanical clicks, no tactile tap BS).

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@kicou i had similar problem with my ebike buttons. I just took them off, put some extra solder on the connections and press the buttons with my keys to close the connection.

@kicou Surprisingly, I've never had such an issue. Most of my issues have usually been software related. Only once, an HDD died on me, and I think it had fallen or been shook prior to. All mice issues were software related.

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