My Creality Ender3 V2 came with the wrong control board: it has an Ender3 Pro board which does not have the silent stepper motor drivers it should have.

Creality promised me a replacement in December, but as of mid-March I have yet to receive anything from them.

The printer prints otherwise fine but I am disappointed with Creality's support.

In the meantime I have replaced the board with a third-party replacement (MKS Robin E3D) and put TMC2209 drivers in it.

The stepper motors are now completely silent, which makes me realise how noisy the PSU and cooling fans are. The most annoying one is the PSU fan, probably because of its sound frequency. It is not screechy or high-pitched, it is just… very present.

My next upgrade will therefore be a PSU fan replacement.

Don't get me wrong: at its price point the Ender3 series is probably the best to start 3D printing without breaking the bank.

However my next printer (if there is a next one) will not be a Creality.

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