Snow day. Looks like we got about 30 cm overnight. I can already hear the sound of snow ploughs and snow throwers.

Schools are closed and in full remote learning mode today.

@kicou @mpjgregoire I still refuse to believe snow days are real, just a cruel joke Hollywood played on kids, giving them hope ;)

@keithzg @kicou When I was a kid, they used to close school for extreme cold (-40°C, as I recall), not for snow. But it's different around here.

@mpjgregoire @kicou When I was a kid, for extreme cold they'd still make us go to school—they just wouldn't let us outside for recess. Salt in the wound!

@mpjgregoire @keithzg to be honest, cancelling transportation but keeping schools open amounts to turning schools into daycares.

My kids' school used to remain open until windchill reached below -40°C, but only a quarter of the students would attend and teachers didn't teach much on such days.

I guess it is mostly a convenience service offered to working parents who cannot leave their young children at home unsupervised.

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