@kicou So, there are at least 2 now, there is already RockyLinux initiated by CentOS founder : rockylinux.org/

Also, I think Oracle was pushing his (commercial) Oracle Linux to be compatible with RHEL...

@r3vlibre yes, I knew about Rocky Linux, a project led by Gregory Kurtzer a founder of CentOS. Rocky Linux is named as a tribute to Rocky McGaugh, another co-founder of CentOS.

I didn't know about AlmaLinux and they have a Beta repo already :)

The more the merrier!

@kicou Ok, good then :) Thank you for putting in the full context about CentOS founders and the tribute for Rocky McGaugh, I didn't know.

Me neither, I heard about AlmaLinux for the first time through your post ^^

It sounds like the hydra, one head is cut, more rise up :)

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