World's most expensive cities to live 2020

1. (tie) Paris, France
1. (tie) Hong Kong
1 (tie) Zurich, Switzerland
4. Singapore
5. (tie) Osaka, Japan
5. (tie) Tel Aviv, Israel
7. Geneva, Switzerland
8. New York City
9. Copenhagen, Denmark
10. Los Angeles

@kicou I’m surprised that Vancouver and Melbourne (or was it Sydney?) didn’t make top 10. I’m pretty sure they did a couple of years ago.

@normand this study seems to account for the Covid-19 situation and the fact that consumers have changed their habits (physical distancing, lock-downs, WFH) some items have seen their prices rise (electronics) while others have gone down (clothing). The pandemic has also caused some currencies to grow stronger, shifting the price of goods and services.

Anyway, if you take another study, they'll use different criteria and have different cities at the top spots.

Cities in this ranking are still known to be awfully expensive to live in, though.

@normand interestingly I have lived in one of these cities and have relatives in five other ones in this list.

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