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UEFA 2020: despite scoring three goals, Portugal are led 2-1 by Germany at half time…

The missus was watching the Hungary-France UEFA game while chatting with family in France.

Big mistake.

Our stream was delayed by about a minute and the screams heard through Jitsi would be a dead giveaway of upcoming action way before it would show on our TV screen.

showerthought, bad science 

Some claim that water has a memory and that diluting to the point that only Hβ‚‚O remains will protect/cure you from the bad things with which water was once in contact.

The water that goes through our treatment plants is clean and fit for human consumption, but when you think about it, it was at some point in its life cycle in contact with bovine excrement.

So when you drink water from the public network (whether direct from tap, or bottled from public utility by private companies and resold under names like Dasani, Aquafina, etc.), you are therefore immunising yourself from bull crap, and now no longer believe in homeopathy.

Daughter has ordered home-delivered boba (!!!)

I know restaurants are still take-out/delivery only (sit-in outdoor patios are reopening this coming Friday, yay!) but still: I disapprove of this type of consumer habit

I'd rather she picked up her order herself rather that encourage an economy that relies on exploiting underpaid drivers

Does anyone remember boosting their PC by replacing their Intel 8088 with a NEC V20?

Then came the 6MHz PC-XT compatibles, with a Turbo button so that we could revert back to 4.77MHz clock speed because otherwise games were running too fast…

He was motivated to troubleshoot his PC hardware because I told him he was *not* getting a new motherboard and would therefore have to attend online classes on the crappy school-provided Chromebook until the end of the school year

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Son: My PC shuts down 15 secs after power up. I think I need a new motherboard

Me: Sounds like you need to re-seat RAM sticks. If it still doesn't work, check that CPU heatsink is properly attached and that thermal compound is good

Son rolls eyes. He is pretty sure he needs a new mobo, he DuckDuckGo'ed it alright.

20 minutes later, I see son playing on his PC

Me: So what was it?

Son: I moved RAM sticks around and now it's working

The one thing that really bothers me with the new Proton interface is that tabs look like buttons

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Le FΓ©divers m'informe que Fastly a eu une grosse panne qui a rendu beaucoup de gros sites dΓ©pendants du CDN inaccessibles.

Comme c'était à 5 heures du mat' ici, aucun client ne s'est plaint de problèmes d'accès web.


TIL that hot dogs come in decimal packs and hot dog buns come in octal

(truth is, in Canada both often come in packs of 12)

Bon, c'est lundi matin et il n'y a aucune alerte sur mon tableau de bord Zabbix.

Soit ça veut dire que tout va bien, soit il y a quelque chose qui va très très mal.

Dans tous les cas Γ§a veut dire que je peux aller me recoucher, nonΒ ?

Me: Would you rather we performed this major server upgrade next Friday or next Sunday? There will be downtime.

Customer: Yes

Ontario is lifting its stay-at-home order today.

We are now allowed to step out of home for non-essential trips, but retail stores are still not open for non-essential products.

Restaurants are still limited to take out (it's been over a year!)

Schools remain closed until September.

Outdoor gatherings are limited to 5 people.

So the only noticeable difference is that this weekend we will be able to go for a hike and enjoy a picnic in the Niagara Gorge (NOT the Falls, that is for tourists).

I used to use my real name on the Internet: Usenet, FidoNet, blogging, FB, Twitter, G+, etc.

I worked on reducing my digital footprint, and now searching my name on the web doesn't return much.

Even my LinkedIn profile is not under my legal name, but people who know me IRL immediately know it's me.

It's not about hiding, it's about privacy.

Likewise, I do shut and lock the stall door when I go to the washroom: you know what I'm doing, I know you know, but I'd rather keep it private.

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